MunSoft Releases WikiReader

Mar 06, 2007

MunSoft has released WikiReader, a new software application to render instant access to more than two million articles of Wikipedia. The program has a built-in "One Click" function, which allows users to open Wikipedia articles from any Windows application. Users can gain access to any article by using a defined hot-key combination. Users can highlight some text to serve as a criterion for the name of the encyclopedia article and press a certain key combination. The WikiReader Icon is always at hand: after installation of the program, the blue "W" icon appears on the taskbar next to the system clock and with one click users enter the program.

WikiReader displays articles without menus, logotypes, and other irrelevant information. The program uses a system of multitabs, so that users can have several articles opened simultaneously. Besides, a click can change the language and switch it to the one users need. Moreover, with this encyclopedia browser users can read articles in languages written from right-to-left, such as Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, and Hebrew. All articles, which have been already opened, are saved in cache, so that users can go back to them offline. Another feature is that users can edit any chosen article.

WikiReader runs under Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and costs $24.95. WikiReader has an evaluation version, which can be used for up to 20 days without any obligation to pay. Registered users are entitled to such benefits as: continued program use after the trial period has expired; no reminders that the version is unregistered; customer support; a free upgrade to any minor version (1.x). The fully functional trial version of WikiReader is available as a free download from the MunSoft website.