Multiple Enterprise Search Installations Remain The Norm, Survey Says

Jul 22, 2005

The second edition of the CMS Watch Enterprise Search Report finds no "one size fits all" solution. The typical enterprise "inherits" a new search facility with each new major information systems implementation. The report was released today by CMS Watch, a buy-side technology analyst firm that evaluates Enterprise Content Management strategies and tools for prospective solutions buyers.

Key findings of the report include: enterprise software vendor SAP has built its own search tool, "TREX," and is steadily enhancing its capabilities for indexing non-SAP content; Microsoft's postponement of its search tools until late 2006 has widened market opportunities for mid- and upper-tier players like Coveo, Mondosoft, and Endeca; Web site search is re-emerging as a distinct product category with the meteoric rise of the Google appliance as well as several high-end alternatives. Based on product tests and interviews with more than 60 professionals engaged in enterprise search, the report features analysis and surveys of 29 search vendors. It is designed to help enterprises make informed search technology strategies and buying decisions. Unlike generalized reports on search, the CMS Watch study provides details on the strengths and weaknesses of each search system.