Motorola Extends Use Of Open Text's Livelink

Jun 13, 2003

Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink, collaboration and knowledge management software for the enterprise, said today that Motorola, Inc. is expanding its use of Livelink as its central knowledge repository and platform for collaboration. Motorola, which first adopted Livelink in 1997, plans new initiatives this year for Livelink, including consolidating file servers and moving more information into Livelink, where 3.5 terabytes of information is already maintained. The company will also create an extranet with Livelink and extend the system to customers, vendors, and partners. Livelink serves as the foundation for Motorola's COMPASS system, a global intranet, which acts as a central repository for a wide range of information, and as a place for small workgroup collaboration and general enterprise-level communication. Motorola's plan to extend COMPASS as an extranet will help the company collaborate more closely with customers, improving communication and overall service. COMPASS will also be extended to Motorola's partners.

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