MotionDSP Announces Ikena Copyright

Mar 16, 2007

MotionDSP, a provider of digital video technology, has announced Ikena Copyright, a copyright detection technology that matches content solely on the video content. Ikena Copyright uses a (patent-pending) component of MotionDSP's military-grade video enhancement technology. As opposed to audio-matching methods, MotionDSP's technology creates a 'video fingerprint' by tracking the motion characteristics of the video.

Features of Ikena Copyright include: a video signature system that stands up to many 'attacks' such as: editing where it can identify clips as small as 20 seconds; low-bitrate compression where it can identify clips that have been re-encoded (i.e.: from their native format to Adobe Flash internet video); aspect ratio change from 16:9 content compressed into a 4:3 display, or 4:3 stretched to 16:9; cropping the sides of a video; and video quality change so Ikena Copyright can identify videos which have been converted to B+W, or had their color distorted. Ikena Copyright has been designed to scale to a very large database of content, operating on a high volume of matching (i.e.: a database of thousands of hours of copyrighted video, matching tens of thousands of uploaded videos per day).