Most Digital Edition Readers Act on Ads, Survey Says

Jun 06, 2006

Texterity, Inc., a provider of digital magazine solutions, released the results of a BPA Worldwide-certified survey that provides a profile of readership habits and demographic data for digital magazine readers to date. According to the survey, digital edition readers are highly engaged, with 91% of readers taking action as a result of reading an ad in a digital edition.

The survey was sent to 31,596 current digital magazine readers of 45 different publications, representing 13 publishers of consumer and business-to-business publications. Over 20% of recipients completed the survey. The research indicates that digital magazine readers are more engaged with digital editions than they are with the print equivalent and that they are more likely to use the advertising to make purchasing decisions. The survey reveals: 91% of readers took action after reading an ad in a digital edition; 83% of digital readers looked at an advertiser's website; 41% forwarded information about an advertiser to a friend or colleague; 37% of readers contacted an advertiser for more information; 32% recommended a product or service; and 24% purchased a product or service based upon the ad in a digital edition.

After subscribing to the digital edition, 33% of subscribers increased their use of the publication's website and 15% increase their use of the publication's email newsletters. Digital subscribers noted the ability to search issues (66%) as the primary reason for subscribing to the digital format, followed by ease of saving (60%), environmental friendliness (48%) and ease of forwarding (46%).