Most Businesses Confident Their Digital Marketing Achieves Sales Goals

Jul 19, 2018

Businesses are confident that their digital marketing efforts are successful, according to a new survey from Clutch. More than 80% of digital marketers believe their company’s digital marketing is effective in increasing sales and revenue.

The survey reveals that businesses believe their digital marketing is effective because it’s a more direct way to reach consumers compared to traditional marketing and advertising.

Businesses Rely on a Combination of Digital Marketing Channels to Achieve Goals

Businesses invest in a variety of digital marketing channels but prefer social media marketing (81%), a website (78%), and email marketing (69%) because they are the most popular among consumers.

All three channels provide businesses the opportunity to give voice to their brand – especially when used in combination.

SEO Least Popular Channel, Requires Too Much Effort

The new survey revealed that among businesses surveyed, fewer than half (44%) invest in SEO. Failure to invest in SEO, however, can undermine the effectiveness of a website and other digital marketing channels.

SEO isn’t popular among businesses because it takes more effort than other channels, experts say. SEO may not have the immediate results that social media marketing, a website, and email marketing have, but experts agree it is still an essential digital marketing channel.

Businesses Use Digital Marketing to Increase Sales and Revenue

Businesses invest in digital marketing to increase their sales and revenue. Nearly one-third (28%) identify driving profits as their primary goal.

Clutch’s 2018 Digital Marketing Survey included 501 digital marketers from U.S. companies with more than 100 employees.