Mosaiscope Launches a News Platform

Nov 05, 2015

Mosaiscope announced the official launch of its web-based platform presenting a mix of reading options. The platform provides comprehensive aggregation options by allowing news to be extracted from both sources and topics pre-selected by the user, as well as being able to add their own sources offering a truly unique and customizable platform tailored specifically to the users' preference.

Founded by an early Tesla Motors employee, John Rokos, Mosaiscope is the first product born from Enemy Tree, LLC, a Silicon Valley-based technology company. Mosaiscope says its responsive design is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed.

Mosaiscope is a free platform available on any device. More features and function are available with a Mosaiscope Premium subscription. In addition to a tiered membership plan, Mosaiscope will add more features to its Premium Service and will also be offering an Apple iOS app and an Android version in the near future.