Moreover Releases Intranet v. Internet Research

Feb 10, 2004

Moreover Technologies has released research into knowledge worker's information consumption that indicates how Intranets have thus far failed to make significant in-roads into the public Internet's dominance as the primary information resource for many knowledge workers.  

Despite heavy investment in Intranets by companies, the public Internet remains the primary information source for knowledge workers according to a global survey by Moreover Technologies, a provider of real-time current awareness and business information solutions. When questioned, 57.8% of respondents admitted that the Internet was their primary information resource in their daily work routine whereas only 10.9% considered the Intranet to be their main source of information. The survey of 2,200 knowledge workers underlined the dominance of Internet based information by highlighting that 47% of respondents claimed that all of the information they needed for work was available on the Internet. Similarly, 69% labeled Internet content 'very valuable' to their work.

Moreover Technologies is a provider of real-time current awareness and business information. Its technology searches news, business information, corporate, and government Web sites, blogs, and discussion boards for the latest content. This content is then categorized and distributed to users as headline links to the stories on the original publisher sites.