More than 50% of Retail Purchases Occur on Marketplaces

Nov 16, 2017

Jumpshot, the only company that unlocks walled-garden data to reach customers more effectively, released its Jump the Garden Walls Data Report, revealing that the growth of eCommerce platforms has driven consumers away from brand sites to marketplaces where consumers make over 50% of their retail purchases.

The Report reveals that:

  • Consumers now make 54% of their purchases outside brand sites and in marketplaces. Depending on product category and brand, this rate can increase to 60%.
  • Macy’s outperforms Amazon in conversions for key retail brands.
  • One out of every four brand search conversions occur in a marketplace. 

Jumpshot studied 42,000 consumer purchases among four major retail brands in Q3 2017. This report analyzes conversions on the brands’ websites as well as popular marketplaces. The brands analyzed include Calvin Klein, Clinique, Michael Kors, and Nike, across marketplaces including Amazon, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

Some takeaways from the Report:

  • Conversions can happen anywhere. Although we see that the growth of eCommerce platforms has driven consumers away from brand sites to marketplaces, retail brands’ customer visibility does not extend to these marketplaces.
  • Understanding walled garden behavior is a must for marketers in 2018. With the majority of their purchases occurring outside their brand site, marketers are missing out if they don’t understand how and when these conversions happen.
  • Brand campaigns can be quantified across all digital ecosystems. With insight only into their own brand site, marketers have been stuck with old school metrics to measure campaigns, such as click-through rates and survey responses. With a view into walled gardens, brand lift can be measured by real world behaviors such as Google search, Amazon product browsing and purchases and reviews.
  • Optimizing for all conversions is an opportunity. Marketers can understand the true path to purchase by seeing all product purchases on their brand site and within walled marketplaces.