More Than 300 Journals Select Manuscript Central

Nov 15, 2002


ScholarOne, Inc. has announced that over 300 journals have selected Manuscript Central, an application for online submission and peer review of scholarly journal content. Manuscript Central has more than 500,000 registered users and processes over 11,000 manuscript submissions per month. Manuscript Central is designed to enable faster peer review decisions, decreased administrative time and expense, lower shipping and mailing expenses, and an increased number of manuscript submissions. ScholarOne, Inc., based in Charlottesville, Virginia, provides workflow management systems for scholarly journals and conferences. Its Web-based applications are intended to enable publishers to manage the submission, peer review, production, and publication processes more efficiently. More than 335 peer-reviewed journals and meetings across 90 different scientific, technical, and medical disciplines use ScholarOne's tools. Clients include non-profit societies, university presses, government agencies, and commercial publishers.