Monotype Imaging and Ikivo Partner for Multilingual Text Capabilities

Feb 07, 2006

Ikivo AB, a provider of SVG software solutions for mobile devices, and Monotype Imaging Inc., a global provider of font and imaging software technologies, have partnered to introduce scalable, multilingual text capabilities into multimedia SVG products for the mobile phone market.

Monotype Imaging's iType font engine, based on the TrueType and OpenType font formats, has been integrated into the Ikivo SVG Player, offering developers of low- to high-end feature phones a multimedia client framework solution with scalable font support. In addition, the Ikivo Animator content authoring tool includes support for the iType rasterizer, giving content developers access to the client framework environment within the content creation workflow process.

The Ikivo products will also feature Monotype Imaging's WorldType Layout Engine, a modular software library that enables the on-screen composition, positioning, and rendering of multilingual text, including complex scripts. The technology handles various intricacies of composition and layout such as bi-directional text flow, contextual character substitution and positioning, ligatures, accents, and the intermixing of text and graphics.