Monetate Announces New Solution for Powering Customer-Centric, Data-Driven Marketing

May 21, 2015

Monetate, a provider of multi-channel personalization to, announced at its fifth annual Monetate Summit the launch of a new solution that fuels customer-centric, data-driven marketing. Now available, the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer reveals valuable insights from big data. As a result, marketers can deliver personalized experiences by recognizing customers as they journey across devices and channels.

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer identifies unique individuals over the sea of touchpoints. It interprets key attributes and critical behavioral signals buried in mountains of online and offline data to inform evidence-based marketing strategies. The solution enables brands to easily determine the right people to market to, the types of personalized experiences to offer those individuals, and the most effective devices and channels for connecting with them.

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer offers customer profiles, customer ID synchronization, and data activation.