Modus Operandi Launches Big Data Analytics Product That Fuses Human Intelligence With Data

Mar 31, 2015

Modus Operandi, which provides contextual pattern recognition for government customers, introduced its MOVIA Big Data analytics platform to the commercial sector. MOVIA leverages military intelligence analysis capabilities to help commercial organizations watch for important patterns in their data and generate instant alerts to users or other systems.

MOVIA says it enables improved prediction of trends through advanced data modeling that captures situational context.  It employs semantics and logical reasoning to discover important patterns, sending warnings as SMS text messages, e-mails, and visual pop-ups.   
MOVIA provides a small footprint, whereby smart software "agents" can be deployed into the enterprise, attaching to one's data and recognizing key ‘"ingerprints" and warning of emerging trends. It watches for "patterns of life" changes, which can be used for many applications in the commercial sector, including: logistical problems, non-compliance with regulations, identifying customer profiles, or understanding when a competitor shifts strategy.
Modus Operandi is applying MOVIA across a broad range of markets, including bioinformatics, cyber security, pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing, and retail sectors.