Mochila Expands Partnership Network, Announces Version 4.0

Dec 14, 2007

Mochila, an online media marketplace for text, video, and photo content, announced several developments in the online content syndication space. Among the developments is an agreement with Autonomy Corporation plc to provide advanced search capabilities to the more than 2,700 members in the Mochila marketplace, a partnership with to supply fresh content to their web hosting customers, and the launch of Mochila Version 4.0 with a revamped homepage and viral content badge system.

This latest agreement with Autonomy Corporation plc, a provider of infrastructure software for the enterprise, is intended to assist Mochila in delivering a more powerful search platform to its members. Enhanced functionality will include: improved search technology that identifies advanced patterns in content and groups them together to provide the most relevant results possible for members searching in the Mochila marketplace; related filtering capability that provides members with more precise search results organized by concepts, publishers, or vertical categories; a new search results page that will be grouped according to the type of content, including text, photos, and videos, and will also include thumbnails of photos and videos for quick scanning and collection.

In addition, Mochila also recently entered into a partnership with Go Daddy, a domain name registrar and a one-stop shop which helps users establish, maintain, and evolve an online presence. Mochila will provide fresh, rights-secured content for Go Daddy customer websites in an attempt to maintain site robustness and encourage continued readership. With content providers like The Associated Press, Getty Images, and Hearst Magazines, Mochila offers Go Daddy web hosting customers rich content over a broad range of topics such as entertainment, sports, business, national, and global news. Go Daddy customers will have total control over the look of the articles and headlines, and even choose how they are displayed to the end user.

Mochila has also unveiled their latest product version 4.0, which is set to feature a viral content badge system that can be picked up in a few simple steps and a redesigned Mochila homepage which will have a new design to better display the top content in the marketplace, adding top articles, photos, videos, and widgets. Mochila 4.0 will also feature a new reporting dashboard for customers that features number of impressions and amount of revenue being generated, as well as a new channel wizard--a tool that allows publishers to dynamically post content to their pages on other social media platforms including Facebook, MySpace, or Pageflakes.