Mocana Introduces Atlas Platform

Feb 20, 2014

Mocana introduced the Mocana Atlas extended enterprise engine, a purpose-built platform designed to simplify enterprise mobile app deployments. The Mocana Atlas appliance mitigates many of the security bottlenecks that typify large-scale rollouts, while reducing mobile total cost of ownership (TCO) for organizations. Deployed behind the firewall, Mocana Atlas securely connects mobile apps to back-end systems with simplicity for IT and one-click access for end-users, across the entire extended enterprise.

Mocana Atlas aims to delivers the "missing link" that makes it possible for enterprises to fully mobilize their workforces, intellectual assets and unique value propositions at global scale, and at significantly lower cost than traditional approaches. Mocana Atlas works with existing mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) software. It supports both iOS and Android, and can extend security policies to apps on unmanaged devices used by partners, contractors, or others outside the enterprise network.