Mobix Interactive and Telestream Flip Content for Mobile Distribution

Sep 05, 2006

Telestream, a provider of workflow automation products, and Mobix Interactive, a provider of mobile video, have announced new products for the mobile marketplace. Mobix Interactive produces, encodes, and delivers both video content and original programming through delivery systems. Telestream's FlipFactory Mobile is at the heart of Mobix's video workflow. Functions include automating media and metadata ingest from multiple sources, transcoding source media to mobile and web video and audio formats, and delivering and integrating media to Mobix's delivery platform. Mobix' Shoot `n' Share product is a personal mobile delivery application that sits on mobile phones, enabling users to send text, photos, and video to friends, family, and workmates. FlipFactory Mobile is the behind-the-scenes enabler used to automate the transcoding of video to numerous file formats.