Mobius Releases Enhanced Audit and Balancing Tool

Nov 14, 2003

Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a provider of software for total content management (TCM), has announced the availability of ViewDirect-ABS version 4.1 for open systems, an audit and balancing system that ensures the integrity and consistency of enterprise information. ViewDirect-ABS 4.1 enhances confidence in the accuracy of financial reporting and helps companies comply with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.  

ViewDirect-ABS 4.1 automates the balancing and reconciliation processes that are typically subject to human error when performed manually. It balances across platforms and applications and alerts key personnel when irregularities occur. The software is a component of ViewDirect TCM, an integrated suite of solutions for content management.

ViewDirect-ABS 4.1 is fully integrated with the ViewDirect TCM repository and with WorkflowDirect, Mobius's Java-based business process platform. Reports and documents in the repository can be processed in ViewDirect-ABS and a document's arrival in the repository can trigger the balancing process. WorkflowDirect automates actions to be taken when unusual conditions are detected and provides an audit trail of actions that have been performed.  

Additional new features in ViewDirect-ABS 4.1 include enhancements to query and reporting capabilities; audit log facilities; email notification of the results of the balancing process; and XML support that enables the use of XSL to produce formatted reports.  ViewDirect-ABS 4.1 supports Windows and Sun Solaris platforms and SQL Server and Oracle databases. ViewDirect-ABS is available now.  For pricing information, contact Mobius.