Mobius Introduces Solution for Spreadsheet Compliance

Jan 31, 2006

Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a provider of software for total content management, has announced the availability of ABS for Spreadsheet Compliance. The announcement introduces a solution designed to mitigate risk and ease the burden of regulatory compliance by centralizing and managing the lifecycle of business-critical spreadsheets. Spreadsheet management is a capability of Mobius's Audit and Balancing System (ABS), designed to ensure consistency of enterprise information by automating balancing and reconciliation processes subject to error when performed manually.

ABS for Spreadsheet Compliance provides a single automated system for data import, secure access, version control, auditing, collaborative review/approval, and retention management. Features and benefits of ABS for Spreadsheet Compliance include: ease of installation and minimal user training; ease of use for spreadsheet creators and reviewers; secure user access; automated change and version control; controlled review and approval process; and archiving of essential spreadsheets as business records. ABS for Spreadsheet Compliance is available now.