Mobius Announces Content Integration

Jul 19, 2005

Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a provider of software for total content management (TCM), has announced version 2.2 of ViewDirect Total Content Integrator, a Web services-based facility for cross-repository, cross-platform access to content in any format from any source. Previously released adapters provide access to FileNet content as well as file systems, databases, email archives, Web sites, search engines, and Mobius's own ViewDirect TCM repository. ViewDirect Total Content Integrator is a fully integrated component of the ViewDirect TCM suite of content management solutions. ViewDirect TCM is comprised of enabling software that is designed to meet key enterprise content requirements, including email and records management; Web site, digital asset and document management; workflow and imaging; Internet presentment; enterprise report distribution; and a compliance module that designed to ensure the accuracy of enterprise information.

The new adapters for IBM OnDemand, EMC/Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, and SQL Server repositories simultaneously translate and pass queries from the user to multiple content sources and deliver the requested content back to the user. Functionality includes: Enterprise Query, which enables a user to locate and retrieve content from any repository along with content from other sources with a single search;Index Mapping, which maps unique index names and formats in one repository to indexes in other repositories, eliminating user error and simplifying cross-repository searching; and Content Delivery, which delivers content to a Web browser, a desktop application or a viewing client like Mobius's DocumentDirect for the Internet In addition to packaged adapters delivered with ViewDirect Total Content Integrator, adapters can be built for any content source using the SDK (software development kit). The Adapter SDK includes the required program modules along with complete documentation, sample code and sample data.