MobileTogether Announces Updates

Apr 28, 2015

Altova announced the availability of MobileTogether 1.5. Version 1.5 includes about 18 new features and enhancements to this multi-platform mobile development framework for building and deploying in-house app solutions. The enhancements include changes to Actions and Action Groups that define behaviors of MobileTogether app solutions, new and enhanced UI controls, and new tools for improving developer efficiency. 

Users can send emails from the mobile client or the server, start an app solution via a link that includes parameters, and create action loops for repeated execution of a sequence of actions. Multiple versions of the same solution may now coexist on the server to accommodate outdated clients. Now, end users can click a link using their mobile device to automatically configure the free MobileTogether Mobile App with the proper MobileTogether Server settings, letting users access your company's mobile solutions immediately.      

A host of new control options aim to make it easier to design a sophisticated UI for enterprise app solutions. The radio button control is familiar from desktop user interfaces, but not natively available on all operating systems, so MobileTogether will supply its own implementation for devices where radio buttons do not exist.

There a now unified data types for database tables. Users can update the display during execution, and automatic save is available for database tables without primary keys.