MobileLime Unveils Mobile Shopping Platform

Feb 24, 2006

MobileLime, a U.S.-based provider of mobile phones, has unveiled a new platform that will allow consumers to get rewards and pay for purchases by waving their cell phone over a contactless reader at their favorite merchants. Incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the enhanced MobileLime platform can add speed, convenience, and interactivity to the company's real-time marketing, cardless loyalty, and mobile payment solutions.

With the enhanced MobileLime wallet, users with an NFC compatible phone will click the lime from the menu screen, choose the credit card they want to use and wave their phone over the contactless reader that's integrated with the point of sale system at checkout. For added security, the user can configure a PIN required to complete each transaction. With the shop 'n go technology, consumers can automatically redeem Clip 'n Go mobile coupons, get rewards, and pay for purchases at their favorite merchants.