MobileBridge Rolls Out Advanced Content Creation and Integration Functionality for App-based Marketing Relationship Management

Aug 20, 2015

"How can I get our customers to engage with our branded app on a regular basis in order to generate business?" is the question most mobile marketers ask today. The answer, according to MobileBridge, is to leverage available data from CRM and other marketing sources in order to make the engagement as contextual as possible yet also fun and engaging, and on a regular basis. To make its customers' in-app engagements more fun and engaging, app-based Marketing Relationship Management solution provider MobileBridge is introducing new functionality into its native content creation module.

Enhancements include 360° imaging to enable marketers to integrate rotating product images into their in-app content. In addition, MobileBridge users have the ability to assign mobile loyalty points and other rewards based on in-app actions or locations. It also offers the ability of tying engagement with in-app usage patterns.