Mobile Sponsored Stories Coming to Facebook Shortly

Feb 06, 2012

Facebook is set to begin inserting "featured stories" into users' mobile feeds, reportedly as soon as early March, says These sponsored stories will essentially be marketing-led posts -- not paid ads, the company claims -- and could mark Facebook's first step in profiting from its 425 million active mobile users.

Facebook's mobile web and app versions have yet to prove comparable to the social network's desktop offering. Moreover, privacy issues and the lack of real estate on a mobile screen have kept Facebook from approaching mobile marketing opportunities more aggressively. According to TechCrunch, part of AOL, Facebook is testing third-party app buttons to its mobile web site, which would appear at the top of the news feed.

Meanwhile, Facebook has continued with check-in deals: When a user is in a location where Facebook can deliver a relevant offer, those deals are pushed to the user. Facebook did not mention revenues garnered from this offering in its S-1, filed last week.