Mobile Consumer Targeting Comes to UK Brands, Agencies

Mar 22, 2012

Mobile ad networks YOOSE Pte. Ltd. and Mobsta Networks, LLP formed a sales partnership to launch MobGeo, a new hyper-local service that intends to bring precision mobile consumer targeting to U.K. brands and agencies. Mobsta's MobGeo service utilizes the YOOSE hyper-local mobile advertising platform to deliver location-based mobile advertising.

With the YOOSE platform, clients can create, manage, and analyze branded mobile banner campaigns online and aims to facilitate ROI campaign analytics. Brands that want to target consumers via their own demographics can build campaigns around events like festivals, venues, exhibitions, or pop-up outlets, the company says. Brands without fixed outlets can leverage "geo-hotspots," such as relevant popular tourist destinations, to drive mobile consumers to exclusive online deals and offers.