MobSoc Media Launches 35 Digital Properties

Jan 28, 2014

MobSoc Media announced a digital publishing network of 35 properties across four verticals (Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, and Sports) to attract and engage consumers with precision targeting. MobSoc Media aims to enable advertisers to reach their target audience in the mobile and social sphere at a more effective cost of audience acquisition. 

MobSoc Media also unveiled its leading entertainment digital property, Celeb Bistro, a celebrity news site. Also announced, MobSoc Media successfully closed a $5 million Series A funding in late 2013 with private investors. Advisors include entrepreneur/investor/author James Altucher and Founder and Managing Partner of the Social Internet Fund, Lou Kerner.

Unlike portal sites that serve multiple content categories to grow a general website audience, MobSoc Media delivers specific online destinations for each interest-based audience across four verticals. This allows brand marketers to have targeted reach, rather than paying for advertising to a generic portal site audience. MobSoc also hopes to help brands amplify existing branded content or produce advertorial content that generates much higher engagement with consumer audiences.