Mirror Image Releases instaContent Dynamic

Apr 25, 2003

Mirror Image Internet, an ebusiness provider of managed content delivery, ecommerce, and Web services, and a subsidiary of Xcelera Inc., has announced the availability of instaContent Dynamic, the newest edition to its instaContent Global Distribution Service suite. By caching dynamically-built Web pages at the edge to speed delivery, instaContent Dynamic enables companies to construct and distribute rich, customized Web pages to end users worldwide. Powered by Mirror Image's patented Content Access Point (CAP) network, instaContent Dynamic leverages dynamic caching technology from WARP Solutions to offload origin server application processing and accelerate dynamic content, application and transaction delivery across IP-based networks. instaContent Dynamic caches and globally serves dynamic content to help companies reduce processing and infrastructure costs and alleviate the pains associated with dynamic page construction and delivery, including slow download times and poor performance levels. When combined with offerings from Mirror Image's instaContent Global Distribution Service suite, customers will be able to automatically distribute both static and dynamic content across the global CAP network.