Mirror Image Partners with WARP Solutions

Apr 11, 2003

WARP Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of WARP Technology Holdings and a provider of Internet application acceleration solutions, has announced a partnership with Mirror Image Internet, an ebusiness provider of managed content delivery, ecommerce, and Web services, and a subsidiary of Xcelera Inc. Under the agreement, Mirror Image has selected the WARP 2063e edge appliance to launch a new service, instaContent Dynamic. This new service extends Mirror Image's global Content Access Point (CAP) network, providing eretail customers and enterprise organizations with a solution to improve performance, reliability, and scalability of dynamic content and transaction-based applications delivered across IP-based networks. The WARP 2063e is a non-intrusive appliance that sits at the network's edge to off-load high-volume traffic, and serve end-user requests from the closest node resource. Mirror Image will deploy the WARP 2063e across its CAP infrastructure, which will power its new instaContent Dynamic service. The WARP 2063e is part of WARP's GTEN (Global Transaction Enabled Network) architecture, which includes a series of products designed to improve network and server performance, and enables distributed application acceleration on a global scale. As an edge appliance, the WARP 2063e is independent of the technology installed within an organization's origin site, and can be added to existing Internet infrastructures without requiring any changes, software, or plug-ins.

(http://www.mirror-image.com), (http://www.warpsolutions.com)