Mirror Image Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Speedera

Jun 08, 2004

As a result of previously approved patents, Mirror Image Internet, an adaptive network for online content, application, and transaction delivery, has announced that it has recently filed a lawsuit against content delivery network company Speedera Networks for patent infringement.

In early 2004, Xcelera Inc. and its subsidiary Mirror Image Internet, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Speedera Networks, Inc. in the United States District Court of the District of Delaware, charging Speedera with ongoing infringement of U.S. Patent 6,480,893 and 6,581,090. The '893 patent relates to the use of a collaborative server system and methods for efficient allocation of delivery of content from multiple servers enabled by use of embedded object references in Web pages. The '090 patent relates to methods of using alternative addresses in distributed delivery of content to end users, particularly in intercepting requests for content and automatically serving requested content from alternative servers. The lawsuit is scheduled for trial in July 2005. If Speedera is found to infringe, the Court could order Speedera to pay damages and could enjoin Speedera from further infringement and from providing infringing services to its customers.

(http://www.mirror-image.com), (http://www.speedera.com)