Mirror Image Enhances Desktop Content Management Console

Feb 27, 2004

Mirror Image Internet, an adaptive network for online content, application, and transaction delivery, has announced the latest version of CustomerCenter, its Web-based content management console for monitoring, reporting, and administration. The complete set of new CustomerCenter features includes daily traffic report emails as well as a Managed Content Targeting user interface for creating and controlling personalized content, Content Refresh tools for content updating in-a-click, and Real-time Performance Monitor with metrics.

Designed for the non-technical user, the Managed Content Targeting user interface is a Web-based tool for content targeting definition, management, and deployment. By using the interface to create and deploy a set of rules across Mirror Image's global Content Access Point (CAP) network, online content is delivered to site visitors based on specific logic (e.g., time of day, location or language). This user interface can also be used to deploy custom rules for execution across Mirror Image's adaptive network The CustomerCenter Content Refresh tools are designed to allow users to purge old content and graphics to ensure up-to-date and reliable Web sites. By selecting specific URLs, the system automatically refreshes all associated objects and displays a message when the action is complete. The CustomerCenter also allows authorized Web managers to create, modify and delete Content Refresh events based on selected times. Mirror Image also provides objective, real-time Performance Monitor statistics that help marketers ensure customers receive continuous network uptime and optimized Web performance. This monitor displays average response times, in real-time, for global requests made to the Mirror Image network, broken down by geographical region.