Mirror Image Adds Digital Assets Library to Ecommerce Offering

Mar 28, 2003

Mirror Image Internet, an ebusiness provider and a subsidiary of Xcelera Inc., has enhanced its RapidBuy Global ecommerce services suite by making available a library of downloadable digital assets to online merchants and publishers from electronic distribution supplier, Global Digital Markets (GDM). As a wholly-owned Mirror Image subsidiary, GDM offers an open distribution model that is designed to provide a more efficient means for customers to obtain and sell products such as software, books, and music directly on the Web. By adding a digital assets library, expanded distribution channels, and expert management processes, Mirror Image's RapidBuy suite of services connects retailers, resellers, and distributors with content vendors and software publishers. The suite allows retailers, resellers, and distributors: access to an inventory of downloadable products; the ability to contact multiple publishers through aggregated merchandizing efforts; validated data accuracy through a clearinghouse that enables reconciliation; and technology support. It also offers content vendors and software publishers: distribution strategy consolidation; use of technology services (e.g., licensing, subscription services, "try-before- you-buy" testing); and the ability to electronically distribute products faster to customers.

(http://www.gdmarkets.com), (http://www.mirror-image.com)