Minute.ly Launches Automated Solution for “Stories”

Jul 18, 2019

Minute.ly, a leading AI-driven video enhancement solution, announced that it has launched an automated solution for long-form vertical videos, which can be used across a wide variety of platforms and devices. The solution will enable brands, content creators, and publishers to create and share their Stories in real-time.

Stories are watched by millions of viewers daily, with current estimates around 150 million on Facebook, 190 million on Snapchat, and 300 million on Instagram and Google recently launching Its own AMP Stories. It’s predicted that Stories will surpass homepage feeds this year as the primary way in which people share news with friends. For publishers, vertical storytelling is an immersive and an increasingly interactive way to engage with their audience and reach an entirely new generational demographic. In order to place their Stories across multiple mediums and devices, publishers need to devote hours to expensive and laborious video editing, as each Story needs to be reproduced and formatted to fit the platform where it’s distributed.

Minute.ly powers Stories by tackling the issues which challenge publishers: updating Stories every 24 hours so that the publisher remains relevant and at the top of the users’ feed; smart formatting for each platform notwithstanding the vertical limitations on mobile devices (converting a horizontal video to be vertical) and creating one video which can be used universally-- eliminating the time-consuming burden of creating a separate video for each platform. Using computer vision and patented machine learning technologies, Minute.ly’s solution detects the most exciting visual story within a video, ensuring that the most exciting snippet will be used for the Story.

Minute.ly’s proprietary artificial intelligence video solutions sit at the intersection of technology and psychology, combining the best of both worlds to boost user experience and bring traditional publishers into the digital age. Minute.ly’s technology intuitively analyzes thousands of videos simultaneously, extracting the most compelling content to create smart, gripping teasers, but has now leveraged these tools to produce the short, compelling video clips needed for impactful Stories. 

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