Mintigo Partners with Madison Logic to Support the Account Based Marketing Solution

May 26, 2016

Mintigo, a provider of predictive marketing and sales technology, has partnered with Madison Logic, a company dedicated to solving the digital needs of B2B marketers, to create a predictive Account Based Marketing powerhouse. Mintigo says it has cultivated the deepest data pool in the B2B industry, with access to over 287 million known facts across 11 million organizations; Madison Logic crafted its own technology to utilize data intelligence to serve businesses with highly targeted content on the most effective channels with speed and precision. The partners have endeavored to seamlessly integrate the two technologies, allowing marketers to expertly determine the targeted list of accounts using Mintigo's predictive platform and execute large-scale digital campaigns with Madison Logic.

Customers taking advantage of this partnership begin ABM campaigns by working on Mintigo's platform to discover target accounts, both from their own house list and also from the universe of accounts that exhibit likelihood to buy, and who also show they are in-market to purchase solutions. When that phase is complete, the target account list is seamlessly sent to Madison Logic's platform to determine how each account is best engaged with relevant content across multiple channels.