Mindbridge Releases IntraSmart 3.5

Mar 15, 2005


Mindbridge Software, Inc., a provider of Intranet and Extranet Software, has announced the release of IntraSmart 3.5. IntraSmart 3.5 includes the following features and enhancements: RSS Feed Integration--Links to external or internal feeds can be configured for an entire organization a department or an individual. IntraSmart File Server--All documents are indexed for full text searching; supported file types for indexing include Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint, Open/Star Office Writer/Calc/Impress, HTML, RTF, text, PDF, PostScript, MP3, and the contents of Zip, Tar, Gzip, Tar.Gzip, Bzip, Jar archive files. Image Thumb nailing--Supported file types are jpg, jpeg, gif, tif, tiff, png, and bmp. Enhanced Document Bulk Loader--The Document Bulk Loader allows an Administrator or user to upload a single file, multiple files, a directory or are an entire directory tree. Help--The Help application has been enhanced to include tool tips for jargon words contained in the glossary, direct links to the subject matter referenced by the article, and numerous multimedia tutorials. Navigation--Users now have a choice of three different graphical interfaces for navigating IntraSmart.