MindTouch Launches Wik.is Community Site

Mar 16, 2007

MindTouch, a vendor of business wiki solutions, has launched Wik.is, a community wiki site designed to simplify collaboration and knowledge sharing for friends and family members, businesses, associations, students, and educators.

Wik.is kicks off with 42,000 existing wikis from users worldwide. Within minutes, new and current community members can create, edit, share, store, and search documents, emails, images, and files through a graphical interface. It functions and looks like a slimmed-down Word processor inside of a web browser. There are two levels of the Wik.is service: free and Pro. Users of the free service receive a public wiki supported by contextual advertisements on its pages and 1 GB of storage.

The Pro package provides Wik.is site owners with a private wiki that integrates with their existing website for a unified look and feel and navigation across the site. This can increase community interactions while making the wiki a cohesive element of an organization's overall online presentation and mission. The Pro service costs $60 per year. Additional features of the package include: privacy, which makes the wiki accessible only to invited users; page permissions, which makes pages and sub-pages private or read-only; a customizable URL so that customers can choose a custom domain or sub-domain; additional storage of 10GB; and no advertisements.

(www.mindtouch.com; www.wik.is)