MindTouch Introduces Wik.is Mashup Platform

Mar 07, 2008


MindTouch, developer of Deki Wiki, an open source collaboration platform, announced an update to Deki Wiki that supports Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services (code-named "Astoria"), and new Windows Live services to enterprise wiki users and mashup makers. Also, MindTouch introduced Wik.is, a new free online-hosted offering of Deki Wiki for enterprise teams, workgroups, and power users. MindTouch has added a mashup code generator to Deki Wiki so that users can create composite applications and data mashups by connecting services from Microsoft, Yahoo!, and other vendors with enterprise applications and databases. With the new support for Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services, users can embed and visualize data from any data source either online or behind their firewall, creating dynamic, real-time reports of critical business information.