MindTouch Announces MindTouch DekiBox

Sep 26, 2006

MindTouch has unveiled MindTouch DekiBox, an on-site smart appliance designed for companies of all sizes to create, share, and discover corporate content. MindTouch DekiBox delivers web collaboration that scales from small businesses to large enterprises. Accessible through common web browsers, it allows team members in any location to exchange files, post images, share emails, and create wiki pages instantly in a shared space.

MindTouch DekiBox combines the remote accessibility of online applications with the security and control of housing data behind the corporate firewall. The appliance features remote management including automatic software upgrades and security releases, encrypted, off-site data back-ups, and proactive hardware monitoring. The appliance also features the MindTouch Connector for Microsoft Outlook, a tool for publishing messages and attachments from an email platform directly into wiki pages. MindTouch DekiBox is available for pre-order. Introductory pricing starts at $995 with flexible service plans available.