MindTouch Announces MindTouch Connector

Sep 08, 2006

MindTouch has launched the MindTouch Connector for Microsoft Outlook, a tool for publishing messages and attachments from an email platform directly into wiki pages. Businesses will have the ability to unlock, organize, and share the full context of email correspondence in a collaborative environment instead of isolating the information on individual desktops.

The MindTouch Connector for Microsoft Outlook is an enhancement for the MindTouch Managed Office Server (MOS), an onsite wiki appliance. MindTouch MOS sits securely behind a customer's firewall, allowing companies to maintain control of their data by keeping it on their own networks. To use the feature, an employee first selects the email they want to post on the MindTouch MOS then clicks the 'Publish' button on the toolbar. The entire conversational thread and all related attachments are then captured in a central repository where the information can be shared.

The MindTouch Connector for Microsoft Outlook is immediately available to all MindTouch customers covered under existing monthly or annual service plans. Availability, pricing, and purchase options for users of MindTouch DekiWiki through hosted wiki providers will be available in October.