Mimosa Systems Introduces Multi Node Grid Architecture Based Email

Jul 06, 2007

Mimosa Systems has announced grid computing to email archiving environments with the release of Version 3.0 of Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server software. Version 3.0 of the Mimosa NearPoint 3.0 for Microsoft Exchange Server software is an integrated solution for email archival, eDiscovery, disaster recovery, and storage management that can scale to meet the demands of today’s enterprise. It is designed to provide protection litigation and email failures, scale to meet enterprise needs, and low total cost of ownership. The new multi-node grid design of Mimosa NearPoint features a hot plug modular architecture that is designed so servers can be added or taken away as required. The designed grid is “self healing,” with archiving tasks dynamically reassigned to other servers in the event of a node failure. With the software, administrators have a single system view across the multiple nodes with single point configuration and policy enforcement. Servers can be configured in either a “superscalar” grid, where each node performs email archiving tasks; or in a “superpipelined” grid, whereby each node is dedicated specifically to email archiving.

Mimosa NearPoint 3.0 includes: Disaster Recovery--support for warm standby disaster recovery for instantaneous recovery of Exchange and email service to end-users in the event of a disaster; Enhanced support for Exchange 2007, Live Communication Server (IM) and 64 bit Servers -- extends content management to include instant messaging and Exchange 2007 features for disaster recovery, folder level retention, and mailbox level journaling; Automated PST File Archiving --the “crawler” automatically searches and retrieves PST files from servers, desktops, and laptops based on administrator-defined policies; Active Directory Integration--leverages roles defined in Active Directory and provides a version history of Active Directory, including distribution lists. Contents of distribution lists are viewed as they appeared when an email was originally sent or received; Public Folder Archiving --performs archiving and data protection for public folders and allow auditors to search all public folder content and re-create chain-of-custody for compliance and legal discovery; Scalable Storage & Reduced Archive Storage Requirements--redesigned to deliver scalability and performance for the archive server with support for multiple databases and extensible storage volumes; International Language Support--enables global enterprise scaling by providing support for German, French, and Japanese; Pre-Installation and Configuration Tools--new pre-installation checks verify the correct version for all required software for ease of installation, and post-installation tools allow archive system parameters to be changed using high level wizards.