Millennials Driving Change in TV and Online Video Consumption According to Study

May 11, 2015

Limelight Networks, Inc., a provider of digital content delivery, revealed the results of its "The State of Online Video," research report, which demonstrated a clear shift in video consumption trends led by Millennials. Among the findings, the research reveals that, under the right circumstances, 90% of consumers are open to "cutting the cord" and cancelling their cable and pay-TV subscriptions in favor of over-the-top (OTT) video services such as HBO Now and Hulu.

While OTT service offerings are in their early stages, consumers are beginning to move in that direction choosing to get the content they want directly from the content owner over the internet rather than from a pay-TV service provider. In fact, 90% of respondents said they either don't have cable or would be willing to cut the cord for reasons such as price increases or the ability to subscribe directly to the channels they want. Flexibility of watching on demand and cost are two main drivers of this shift.

On average Millennials view 4-7 hours of online video a week, nearly twice that of all other age groups surveyed. Despite the popularity of mobile devices and smartphones,personal computers are the top choice for consuming online video across all age groups. However, younger viewers are 10% more likely to watch on a smartphone than any other age group.