Milabra Secures $1.4 M, Announces Image and Video Recognition Engine

Feb 06, 2009


Milabra announced a $1.4 million financing round from private investors. Private investors included: Murphy Endeavors, an investment firm in Red Bank, N.J., Nexus Holdings Group, and Dr. Richard Turner, a visiting scientist at Carnegie Mellon University and former fellow with the Systems and Software Consortium. The company also launched a web-based image and video-recognition engine for online media companies. Milabra’s engine automatically "reads" actual images, not image file names or tags. Its technology also adds text labels to images. Milabra’s engine can learn to recognize any class of images, works with different kinds of image content including photos and video, and is delivered as a suite of web services. Milabra’s image recognition engine is the platform for a suite of web services that customers access with one standard integration exercise. Over 14 services include image ad-tagging, copyright protection, duplicate prevention, and adult content filtering.