Midroll Media Releases Results of Its 2015 Advertiser Satisfaction Survey

May 07, 2015

Midroll Media, a digital media company providing a 360-degree suite of podcast production, distribution, and monetization services, announced early findings of its 2015 Advertiser Satisfaction Survey in advance of the release of the accompanying whitepaper later this month. Midroll represents more than 200 podcasts to advertisers, including shows both on its owned-and-operated networks (Earwolf and Wolfpop) and off/outside of the company's properties.

The surge in popularity of podcasts has advertisers captivated -- attracted to both the authenticity and intimacy of the native advertising experience created by host-read and fan-appreciated ads. In fact, according to Midroll's survey, 89.5% consider all of their podcast ad campaigns in the last 12 months to be a success, while 100% of the advertisers said that they would recommend podcast advertising to a colleague. Compared to other ad platforms:

  • 50% say podcasts deliver the same or better ROI than search ads
  • 65% say podcasts match or exceed display ads
  • 75% say podcasts equal or surpass sponsored social

In addition to overall satisfaction with their campaign success, the survey also found that 91% of respondents feel that podcast advertising is a good value.