Microspace Delivers Weather

Jun 17, 2003

Microspace Communications Corp. (Microspace), a provider of point-to-multipoint satellite services and operator of a business satellite broadcasting network, has announced that the company will help provide real-time weather information for the media, aviation, and related industries. Microspace estimates that 75% of weather information is delivered using their services, including delivery via television and airlines. Microspace customers in the weather market are information service providers that use the company's Velocity satellite service to provide their customers with timely weather data. Microspace's clients include: Weather Central, which provides on-air weather illustration graphics for TV stations and networks, as well as US newspapers; WSI, which supplies weather data for the broadcast, aviation, energy, and utilities industries; and Meteorlogix, which provides weather management services for broadcast media, public safety, aviation, turf, construction, transportation, and energy.