Microsoft Uses Digimarc Digital Watermarking

May 05, 2006

Digimarc Corporation has announced that Microsoft's Virtual Earth business unit has signed a multi-year deal to use Digimarc's ImageBridge digital watermarking software. Under the deal, Microsoft will embed Digimarc digital watermarks into tens of millions of satellite images served up by its Virtual Earth platform offering as a means to communicate and protect image copyrights.

Microsoft's Virtual Earth platform is run by consumer, enterprise and government applications that enable people to discover, learn about, and explore specific locations using traditional vector maps as well as maps overlaid upon satellite and aerial images. Digimarc ImageBridge digital watermarking weaves an identifier into images that enables communication of copyright ownership, while the ImageBridge tracking system monitors the Internet and specified URLs, locating digitally watermarked images and delivering reports to brand owners.

Users of Microsoft Virtual Earth platform will be able to check for copyright information or connect to additional opportunities through a Digimarc-enabled image by reading the digital watermark carried by the image. Digimarc digital watermarks can be read through the digital watermark reader plug-in found in other image editing applications, including Adobe Photoshop, or through Digimarc's free Reader software, which can be downloaded at the Web site.