Microsoft Reveals Wearable Band

Oct 30, 2014

If you were wondering when Microsoft would jump into the wearables game, you now have the answer to your question. The Microsoft Band goes on sale today, but is not exactly ground breaking. The company unveiled a basic fitness band, not unlike the FitBit or Jawbone Up. At $1199 it will work with all major ecosystems, and Microsoft also released a platform called Microsoft health to accompany it.

While Band does things we have come to expect from these fitness related wearables like track your movements and sleep patterns, it has a few new capabilities as well. Business Insider says, "The Band comes with built-in GPS and 10 sensors that can track things like heart rate, but it also has a unique UV sensor to measure sun exposure, and a ‘galvanic skin response measurement' to purportedly help identify stress." The Band also supports Microsoft's Cortana voice control service.