Microsoft Office System Connects Desktop Programs With

Oct 10, 2003

Microsoft Corp. and Inc. have announced a joint development project that combines Amazon Web Services and the Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities of Microsoft Office System programs in an effort to provide users with access to products and data while working in Microsoft productivity applications. The solution, called Research Services for Microsoft Office System, will be available for download in the Office Marketplace at no additional charge later this fall.

By integrating Amazon Web Services, Research Services for Microsoft Office System will provide Microsoft Office System users with access to from within Microsoft productivity applications via the Research Task Pane. Users can access information and make purchases without launching a browser or leaving a document, email message, or presentation. For example, a customer reading a bibliography in a Word document could click on a book title and purchase it from within the Research Task Pane without leaving the Word document. Alternatively, a user will be able to add a footnote, bibliography entry and cover art for books without manually entering the information into a document.

The Research Task Pane, a feature in the Microsoft Office 2003 Edition desktop applications (Word, Excel, the Outlook messaging and collaboration client, the PowerPoint presentation graphics program, and Access) and in Microsoft Office System products OneNote note-taking program, Publisher and Visio drawing and diagramming software, uses XML to enable users to retrieve and navigate relevant internal or external Web-based information, from within Office programs. Amazon Web Services enable third parties to leverage the platform by creating applications for merchandising products and data from, and for managing product listings on Marketplace.

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