Microsoft Launches Job-Specific Tools for Office 2003

Oct 24, 2003

Microsoft Corp. has launched Tools for Your Job for Microsoft Office 2003, an online resource to help Microsoft Office System users accomplish specific tasks related to their jobs. The content was developed in response to customer feedback and research about personal work-related challenges.

Tools for Your Job extends Office Online, the new name for the online resource. Tools for Your Job content includes downloadable templates, tips, articles, and animated demonstrations of the Microsoft Office System, including many that describe how specific challenges can be met. The resources debuting immediately were developed for finance, human resources, operations, and sales professionals. The Tools for Your Job home page is located at Solutions offered on the sites include guidance for projecting financial goals, compiling monthly financial data, analyzing sales data, collecting and protecting confidential human resources information, and conducting performance reviews.

Companies consulted include FranklinCovey Co.,, Immedient, VividOffice and Enlightened Concepts LLC. contributed forms that human resources departments can download and apply to tasks ranging from gathering data about a new employee to presenting benefits information. The intent is to save time that previously might have been spent creating such standard human resources forms from scratch. FranklinCovey provided templates and articles that apply across function areas and range from premeeting worksheets and sample agendas to budgeting and project management guides that contain step-by-step tips for the user.

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