Microsoft Introduces Socl, New Social Network

Dec 05, 2012

Another potential Facebook competitor has entered the fray. Socl, Microsoft's offering to the social network market, is now in open-beta after originally launching in May. At first glance, it certainly looks different than Facebook, Twitte, or Google+. But it is reminiscent of the visual-heavy Pinterest. But Microsoft describes Socl a bit differently:

"Socl is a research project from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs and began as an experiment in social search targeted at students for the purpose of learning. Following the lead of the Socl community, Socl has since evolved to be a service where people connect over shared interests expressed through beautiful posts that take only seconds to create."

At this point, if you have a Facebook account or a Microsoft account, you can log in, which suggests the site intends to be a complement to Facebook as opposed to a competitor, but one has to one wonder if Pinterest hasn't already beaten it to this niche.