Microsoft CETS and LTU Image-Seeker Partner at European Police Agency

Jan 23, 2007

LTU Technologies, a provider of image search and recognition solutions, has announced two investigative technologies have been linked together to provide enhanced resources for victim identification and rescue. Requested by the Italian Police, the Microsoft Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS) and the LTU Technologies Image-Seeker have been integrated to expand and accelerate evidence research.

Through the integration of the two systems, authorized agents of the Italian Police (Polizia delle Comunicazioni) can check if suspect images--captured on a website or seized from perpetrators--have already been seen in previous or ongoing investigations. By connecting to the LTU Image-Seeker, agents (CETS users) may also know if there are similar images in the database of known images (such as images taken at the same time or in the same location). This ability is designed to enable agents to share multimedia information through all the Italian territory and assemble clues to help identify the location and identity of victims--all necessary in trying to rescue these children.

The CETS deployment at the special unit of the "Polizia delle Comunicazioni", announced jointly in October by Microsoft and the Italian Ministry of the Internal Affairs, was the first European installation of CETS (following the original CETS installation for the Canadian police and subsequently for the Indonesian National Police). CETS tracks information on known offenders, traffickers of abusive images, financial transactions, messaging identities, chatroom discussions--all which may be useful in determining the identity of victims and perpetrators.