Microsoft Announces Editor for MCMS 2002

Aug 03, 2004

Microsoft Corporation has announced the availability of telerik r.a.d.editor for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS). The product represents a specially modified edition of telerik's content editor for ASP.NET, which is designed to replace the default HTML Placeholder in MCMS. Featuring a Word-like interface, r.a.d.editor MCMS edition was developed to enable non-technical users to author and manage HTML-based content as easily as writing a document.

Developers can deploy the product in Content Management Server 2002 using the supplied r.a.d.editor Placeholder control, and can configure it in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. To minimize development effort and improve the end-user experience r.a.d.editor tightly integrates with MCMS and follows its security model. The editor allows users to insert and store images, media, and document files in the Resource Gallery, as well as to insert hyperlinks to other Postings/Channels by selecting them from a treeview. r.a.d.editor can be localized and includes a multilingual spellchecker with support for Microsoft Word dictionaries. Other features include full table editing, format stripper, thumbnail generator, skinnable toolbar and dialogs, and XHTML output. telerik r.a.d.editor MCMS edition is available at no cost to customers of Microsoft Content Management Server 2002.