Micropatent Integrates Full-Text Patent Data & New Functionality in Aureka

Jun 10, 2003

MicroPatent, a subsidiary of Information Holdings Inc. and provider a commercial collection of searchable full-text patent information, has added full-text patent data to its analysis platform with the release of Aureka 9.0, in addition to other enhancements such as upgrading theme maps to include foreign and non-patent information. Aureka 9.0 features an improved user interface that gives customers access to MicroPatent's PatSearch FullText database, a commercial collection of electronically searchable full-text patent data. The collection includes: U.S. granted patents (1836 - present), U.S. published applications (2001 - present), European granted patents (1991 - present), European published applications (1978 - present), PCT published applications (1978 - present), Great Britain published applications (1916 - present), German granted patents (1989 - present), German published applications (1989 - present), and Japanese published applications (1976 - present). Customers can now search any or all of these databases simultaneously, accessing and exporting new fields of information not previously available in Aureka, such as Agent, Designated States, Patents Cited, and Priority Data. They can also use advanced search techniques using Boolean operators, combine queries to expand or narrow their search scope, and search EP and WO documents using French and German text. Another feature of Aureka 9.0 is the ability to create theme maps using non-patent data, which was not previously possible in Aureka 8.0. Likewise, customers can construct maps in foreign languages, such as French and German, providing the document lists are homogeneous.

(http://www.informationholdings.com), (http://www.micropat.com)